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Our Story

Once upon a time, in the vibrant heart of India, a dream was nurtured, a dream that soon blossomed into an enchanting reality. Papadoró India, the brainchild of the visionary father-daughter duo, Adrita and Kamal Bhowmik.

The story of Papadoró India is as much about legacy as it is about love. Adrita Bhowmik, the driving force behind this brand, is a luminary in her own right. Educated in the corridors of one of the top 100 QS World ranking art and design schools, she’s not just a graduate with a Masters in creative advertising; she’s a force to be reckoned with. Her master’s in creative advertising from the global fashion capital, Milan, instilled within her an unparalleled understanding of aesthetics and a keen eye for design.

Guided by her vision to elevate the status of India on the world stage, Adrita is embarking on a journey to capture the hearts of Indian luxury enthusiasts worldwide.

Papadoró India, a name derived from the fusion of “papa” and “adoro” in Spanish, beautifully captures the essence of the profound and cherished connection shared between a father and his adorable daughter. This brand name symbolizes pure and unconditional love, tender affection, and the unbreakable bond that defines this unique relationship. It signifies the nurturing guidance, the irreplaceable presence, and the heartfelt devotion that a father showers upon his beloved daughter. Papadoró India encapsulates the joyous moments, the shared laughter, and the cherished memories that form the very foundation of this special and enduring bond. It serves as a testament to the deep-rooted affection, the unwavering support, and the endless care that perpetually flow between a father and his beloved daughter, creating an eternal legacy of love and warmth.

Join in this extraordinary odyssey with us, to make india proud and let the spirit of Papadoró India enchant every soul.